Top 10 Things To Do In Moc Chau

Moc Chau is one of the vast and most beautiful highlands of the Northwest region of Vietnam. For a long time, this place has become a destination for who want to immerse themselves in beautiful nature. Each season, Moc Chau wears a different colour but is strangely seductive.

Here are 10 Moc Chau tourist destinations for certain visitors not to be missed when coming to this beautiful land.

1. Tea Hill Moc Chau Is Our Top Choice For Top Things To Do In Moc Chau List

Heart Tea Hill is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Moc Chau.Tea hill is a symbol of Moc Chau, created by skilful hands of workers in the farm. Amid a vast expanse, the tea hill appeared like a beautiful green grass.

2. Pine Forest Ban Ang

The pine forest in Ang village is like a miniature Dalat. This is the Moc Chau tourist destination that is loved by many people because of the romantic scenery it brings.What is better than being able to ride a bicycle with your loved one in the pine forest, basking in the sunlight of the sunset? Let keep the sweet, romantic moments of you here. That’s why it’s among list of 10 should not skip to visit in Moc Chau.

3. Strawberry Farm

Moc Chau is not only white plum, yellow cabbage or peach fading. Moc Chau also has a lovely strawberry farm nearly 3 hectares wide. This is a place with favorable natural conditions and cool climate, creating conditions for strawberry trees to grow and develop.

Moc Chau strawberries have a fresh taste no less than Dalat strawberries. In addition to fresh strawberries, you can also enjoy strawberry yoghurt, smoothies, and apricots. These dishes will make you fall in love.

4. Dai Yem Waterfall

Dai Yem waterfall is located in Muong Sang commune, Moc Chau district, Son La province. The waterfall has such a gentle name because, from a distance, the waterfall is like an indifferent ‘strip’ connecting heaven and earth.This is one of the attractive Moc Chau tourist destinations. Dai Yem waterfall attracts tourists by its white watercolor, both majestic and poetic. From a distance, the waterfall looks like a “bibs” stretching across the hillside, colored honey-coloured sunlight. When the water pouring down from above will create a magnificent scene.

5. The S-Shaped Street

Located in Long Luong commune, known as a legendary street, captivated many visitors every time they arrived here. Made from concrete but strangely soft, shaped in the correct S-shape. This is a check-in point where everyone must stop to save the best moments, marking the journey Moc Chau.

6. Happy Land

This place is known as “The Garden of Fairy Tales” because there are countless blooming flowers. Coming here, you will feel lost in paradise when enjoying the fresh air and sparkling scenery of flowers. The tourist area has an area of nearly 5ha, located in the middle of a wide valley at the dwarf table, Muong Sang commune belongs to Moc Chau tourism.

You will be spoiled for checking-in in the flower paradise, surrounded by beautiful white mountains. Coming to Happy Land, you will feel like you are lost in a flower valley in the middle of a dreamy and beautiful place of Dalat.

7. Cauliflower Garden Ba Phach

November is the best time when the canola flowers are in full bloom. Ba Phach village is the place with the earliest and most beautiful flowers blooming.Do not know when the season of cauliflower has become a very special highlight for Moc Chau land. Cauliflower flowers have a pristine, exotic appeal. Like someone said, coming to Moc Chau without seeing these cauliflower is not able to feel this place fully.

8. Loong Luong Village


Loong Luong village, right at Hua Tat Pass, out of Tan Lap tea hill, turn into the 3-way intersection is Loong Luong village. In spring, the two sides of the road enter Loong Luong village with plum blossoms. By April, the plum tree peaches produced when the fruit was ripe, turning to the house of the people to buy about 25,000 to get 2kg of peaches, crunchy. This place has nothing to play with, but you drive over here to Hua Tat. It is the residence of the Mong people with many unique cultural features.

If you go to Moc Chau on September 2, Hua Tat is a place that should not be missed, because it holds a huge and bustling independent New Year. The people here are hospitable, so you can easily immerse yourself in the festival. Here you can also stop at the rustic stilt houses and enjoy the rustic meals of the people.

9. Son Moc Huong Cave

Anyone who has been to Moc Chau cannot help but visit Son Moc Huong Cave, also known as Hang Doi, a name that has become familiar to many tourists for a long time.Son Moc Huong cave is considered as a work of art, a landscape bestowed by nature to the Moc Chau plateau.

10. Ngu Caves Of Ban On

The population of five caves consists of four main caves located on a hill and an independent cave on the side of the hill. The five caves are compared with the theory of the five elements Kim, Moc, Thuy, Hoa, and Tho. Shimmering stalactite system with many unique shapes, crystallized over thousands of years.

Of which, cave 3 is the most extensive and also the only one equipped with an electric system thanks to a generator, but it can only be used on holidays and Tet. That is why you need to equip a flashlight when visiting the cave. Many hidden corners in the cave are beautiful but dangerous because they are not list.

Moc Chau – visit and never want to go home. If you are a lover of travel and exploration, you should not miss these attractive Moc Chau tourist destinations. Come to the beautiful Moc Chau plateau to save the wonderful moments!

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