Travel to Vietnam

Vietnam provides a lot of memories that you will not easily forget - form a hot bowl of spicy noodle soup Pho to breath-taking vistas of spectacular seascape of limestone pillars aboard a stylish junk boat in Halong Bay, from a charming Hoi An ancient trading port town to a bustling Saigon metropolis. Any places you leave your footprints from north to south provide a fascinating glimpse into Vietnam’s history, whilst islands such as Phu Quoc and Con Dao offer a stunning beach break.  Add a delightfully complex cuisine - a fusion of French-colonial influences and local staples - and incredible cultural diversity, and you have a recipe for the trip of a lifetime.

This country stretches down the eastern coast of Indochina in a thin and elegant S-shape, but its history and landscapes are anything but. There's vivid rice terraces in the north and pulsating cities in the south, interspersed with refined towns adorned with Japanese bridges and tailors creating exquisite clothing, and Old Towns that simply buzz with life. Combine this with serene beaches, floating villages and exquisite dining, from street food to high end eateries, and Vietnam's possibilities are boundless. Click here to see our sample tour packages to Vietnam.

Country Vietnam
Provinces & cities 63
Size 331.699 km2
Population ~99 millions
Main Languages Spoken Vietnamese, English, French
Year founded 1945

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