Travel to Laos

Picture-perfect landscapes, cultural riches and a relaxed pace of life have earned the landlocked nation of Laos something of a cult reputation among travellers and people on Laos holidays during the last decade or so. The least visited of the three countries that make up Indochina, Laos is seen as a special, secret place, and one that has retained much of the tradition that has disappeared elsewhere in the region.

Political and geographic isolation have meant that Laos lags behind other countries in the region in terms of economic growth and tourism. In many ways that is precisely its appeal, a romantic reminder of Indochina as it once was, a land of wats (temples) and saffron-robed monks, notably friendly people and unspoilt scenery that includes the mighty Mekong River.

Country Laos
Provinces & cities 63
Size 331.699 km2
Population ~99 millions
Main Languages Spoken laotian, Thai, English, French
Year founded 1945